350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!
350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!

350° Smart Panoramic Camera w/ Motion Detection - Wirelessly Control From Anywhere - Ships Same/Next Day!

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  •  Sensor Type: 1/3" CMOS
  • Pixel: 2 Mega
  • Min Illuminance: Color 0.01Lux@F1.2 Black and White 0.001Lux@F1.2
  • Lens: 2.6mm F2.0
  • Shutter: 1/25 - 1/100,000 per second
  • IR: High power LED with ICR / IR Distance: 10m
  • Bit Rate: 32Kbps - 2Mbps
  • Max Picture Size: 1920*1080
  • Frame Rate: 1~25 per second
  • Image Setting: Support HD/SD; Support Mirror
  • Audio: Two-way Audio
  • Storage Support: SD Card (Max 128GB), NVR, Cloud Storage
  • WiFi Standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n
  • WiFi Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Channel Bandwidth: Support 20/40MHz
  • Intelligence: Support Motion Detect, Support Night Vision
  • Reset: Support
  • Adjust Angle: Tilt: -10 degrees - 75 degrees
  • Pan: 0 - 350 degrees


  • Smart Motion-Sensing Panoramic Camera
  • Full HD, Crystal Clear 1080p Video
  • Amazon Echo Show Compatible
  • Wireless Remote App Control via iView iHome App
  • Strengthened security via motion-activated alerts straight to your phone
  • Geo-fencing technology used to trigger camera on/off depending on your location
  • Angle Tilt: -10° – 75°
  • Pan: 0 – 350°
  • Supports Cloud, NVR and Built-in SD Storage (up to 128GB)
  • Includes CAM100 and user manual
  • iView CAM100 Smart Panoramic Camera

An Iview Smart Camera is the perfect addition to your smart home. Capture important moments without compromise 24/7. We've added some neat and notable smart features to meet all your smart camera needs!

Would you like to see your baby when you're miles away from home?

Is it very important for you to be able to view your house at all times?

Do you want a reliable surveillance system that could capture important photos or videos?

Maybe you'd like to see what your favorite pet is doing, or you want to make sure that the kids are safe and sound. You value home security and having visual access to your property is a necessity.

Iview mini smart cameras are the ultimate solution to your CCTV needs. Our product has high-caliber video specifications and features that you can get from the most popular brands. Our edge is that our product prices are way lower than competitor smart home devices, yet has a lot more robust capabilities. We don't charge monthly fees or extra costs for viewing, while storage options are entirely up to you.

iView Smart Camera Overview

Our Iview smart cameras can be easily installed and used right out of the box. The multi-functional WiFi camera will be up and running in no time at all! Featuring crisp, 1080p HD resolution, smart motion tracking, tilt and pan control w/ digital zooming and a 350-degree coverage, our Iview mini camera has got you covered. You can view and record video footage or take snapshots any time of the day via the Iview app. Stay connected even if you're hundreds of miles away from home.

The Iview camera supports SD or HD image options with a max resolution of up to 1920 x 1080, Mirror Support, plus 2-way audio. Choose from a number of storage options including NVR, Cloud Storage or SD card of up to 128GB. WiFi Frequency is at 2.4 Ghz and 802.11 b/g/n. Enjoy an Adjust Angle Tilt of -75°-75° and Pan of 0-350°. The Iview camera supports Geo Fence and is powered via 1.5A DC 5V current.

Full HD, Crystal Clear 1080p Video Quality

High-quality, professional photos are just a click away with our Iview Smart Camera. Max picture size is adjustable and you can record footage in horizontal or vertical format. Capturing important house events and activities is quick and easy. You can watch in real-time, download and even share captured smart motion alerts during the last 24 hours for free!

Get photographic evidence as long as the Iview Smart Camera is online. You can customize the camera to take snapshots during specific audio and motion events. You'll never miss one moment with our smart camera ever again. Stream upwards of 720p quality to your mobile device anytime, anywhere. All video is displayed in crisp and brilliant clarity. High-tech optical lens and 1080p megapixels ensure that you'll be able to use footage with the highest quality. Iview cameras have motion-activated camera sensors running in real time so you can capture moving objects with ease.

Smooth Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio technology in Iview Smart Camera lets you hear what's happening in and around the house. What's more interesting is you'll be able to talk directly to the device using the app anytime, and anywhere with an internet connection!

Iview Mini Smart Cameras are equipped with built-in speakers and mics for a 2-dimensional access to your home. Advanced microphone technology delivers crisp audio without delays and frequency noise. You can enjoy personal chats with family members even if you're not physically present. It's a great way to remind your children to do their schoolwork, tell your dog to stop chewing the sofa or to see how your family is doing 24/7. With two-way audio enabled, you'll always be available even if you're far away from home!

Amazon Echo Show Compatible

Start monitoring your home in crystal-clear high definition and clear audio with your iView CAM100. Our smart panoramic camera supports Amazon Echo Show, making it convenient and even easier to use. Connect your iView CAM100 to your Echo Show to begin monitoring your home with a simple voice command. Working in your home office and curious what your baby is up to? Use your Echo Show and simply tell Alexa, "Alexa, show the baby's room," to see what your little one is up to. Or install a camera in the yard, so while you're busy making dinner, you can be reassured your kids are safely playing in the yard. And if your rambunctious rugrats are up to no good? The iView CAM100's two-way audio will let you warn your son to stop whacking his brother before his play sword is going to be taken away. Now, monitoring your home is just as simple as a single command.

Motion-Activated Alerts

Always be in the know with Iview Smart Camera's real-time notifications sent to your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone and tablet. You can customize the alerts to activate when a window breaks, when your children get home from school or when your pet enters a no-access zone. False alarms such as minor movements, wind ruffling through the curtains or small insects are now a thing of the past. What's more, you'll now be able to view clear, brilliant 1080p images and video to manually decide whether there's been a mistake or not.

The advanced technology of Iview allows for push notifications sent directly to your mobile device. You will be the first to know if your master bedroom's door was opened or if the garage door has been activated. Top-notch motion detection captures every possible risk and sends the footage to your smartphone immediately for review.

Geo-Fence Technology

The iView’s Smart Camera paired with the iView iHome app, integrates geo-fencing technology that captures a virtual boundary that is triggered whenever your mobile device linked to your smart camera enters or leaves the virtual boundary.

A geofence actually boosts security where you need it. Geofences can perform several different functions. Iview Smart Cameras support geofencing in that the camera may be used to disarm or arm video and photo recording options. It's a brilliant solution for when you need extra coverage and surveillance. One of the many solutions where geo-fencing is used is when you set up the feature along with your smart phone's GPS. So when you leave the house, geo-fencing makes the smart camera begin recording without you needing to press a button. When you get back to your house at the end of the day, your smartphone's GPS triggers the geo-fencing and disables the camera.

Geo-fencing shines in other home protection applications. You can use it to trigger multiple events, i.e., for turning on the lights or for when you need to open your garage doors automatically.

Panoramic Adjust Angle Tilt

Bolster your home security with the host of added features for superior security coverage. The CAM100 Smart Panoramic Camera supports -10 – 75° tilt and 0 – 350° pan, providing greater coverage and control over the areas you can monitor. Pan or tilt up or down if you sense activity occurring outside your camera’s peripheral range. The pan and tilt offers greater control and coverage to monitor your home, introducing greater confidence when it comes to your home’s security.

Flexible Storage Options

Iview Smart Camera supports Cloud Storage, NVR, and built-in SD card for up to 128GB.

Store important photos, videos and real-time footage on any media you choose. You will have the option to slot in up to 128GB of storage space, thanks to the micro SD card slot in the device. You will have the option to record in various settings and choose whether to continuously record or set the Iview to begin recording at a specific time to maximize your storage space. Additional recording alerts can be enabled, i.e., recording when sound or motion is detected.

Iview users can also set the storage to the cloud to ensure footage is secured on a virtual platform. Anytime you connect to the internet the cloud service will be available for access and viewing of stored videos. What's more, you will have the option to share, download and playback recorded videos during the last 24 hours.

A Secure and Safe Home

Iview Smart Cameras are all-in-one devices you need to keep your family and home safe 24/7.

Set it to send notifications whenever it sees activity. You'll have complete tabs on each room where you put the Iview mini camera anywhere you have an internet connection. Always-ready motion feature records activities with just one button. What's more, you can watch live video streams and replay alert clips 24/7.

The presence of an Iview camera prevents intruders and unauthorized personnel from entering your home through the door or the garage. The app allows you to close and secure the garage door for ultimate peace of mind. There's no disruption in work and life goes on as planned. The Iview Smart Camera is ready to use as soon as you pull the device out of the box. It's an industry-leading device offered at the best price. Top video quality and added camera features are second to none. The Iview Smart Cam is a distinctive smart technology solution!

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