KN95 Non-Medical Face Masks (CDC Approved) - Ships Quick!

KN95 Non-Medical Face Masks (CDC Approved) - Ships Quick!

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Editor's Note: We are bringing you this deal on KN95 Masks at as low as 40¢ a piece! We know you are looking for masks and don't want to have to wait for it to come in from overseas, so we're offering this deal exclusively for our 1Sale Customers.
These masks are located in FL. All Orders in by 1PM EST ship out SAME DAY. Orders placed after 1PM ship out next Business Day. You should receive your masks within 3-5 Business Days.
Stock is LIMITED and will sell out quickly!

In general, KN95 Masks have a 95% protection. However, the Manufacturer of these masks have been tested by the CDC and the results show an efficient 95-99% filter capacity of airborne particles, fine dust, seasonal allergies, smoke, pollutants, pollen, & much more. (Download the testing results here). The manufacturer has been inspected several times since the production of these masks and has passed inspection. Please note: These masks have a production date of April 2020.
A Note For COVID-19 Face Mask Buyers
It should be noted if you are purchasing facemasks to avoid catching COVID-19, it is not recommended by the CDC.
These Non-Medical KN95 comes in sealed bags of 10 units from the manufacturer. This is why we are not selling in smaller case packs than 30 as we do not want to open packages and expose the contents.
No-Valve KN95 dust mask has a higher filtering effect and higher airtightness. So it can give you more protection.
Wide range of uses: Suitable for outdoor cycling enthusiasts, home improvement, DIY engineering, construction, gypsum board sanding, sanding, sawing, lawn mowing, cleaning, gardening, etc.
After testing, all filtration efficiency indicators are above 95%.
Helps protect from germs.

Ships From the U.S.
  • Brand: Nan Qi Xing
  • Color: white
  • Width: 155mm*100mm
  • Design: Flat-fold style
  • Weight: 400g/box
  • Package: 50pcs/box 1500pcs/carton
  • Box Dimension 230mmx135mmx130mm
  • Carton Dimension 700x480mmx415mm

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